A bit about Robert

I became a hypnotherapist because I have always felt the need to be of service to others, especially when there is a realisation within ourselves that things need to change or maybe we are unable or struggle to initiate this change by ourselves. It took decades and much soul searching before I truly became aware that I needed to listen to the voice inside. I chose to re-train as a hypnotherapist as I had witnessed personally and with others, the remarkable changes it can have on a persons life.
I continue to learn everyday about this modality of healing, my training is continuous, learning all there is to know about advancements and techniques in hypnotherapy. I also continue to work on my personal development which goes hand in hand with my professional development. I can understand personally how it feels when things are not working or feeling something is missing, or life is just not a joy. We tend to want to work with others who may have an understanding of our needs without judgment and have personal experience of what we are going through. I believe I can help and empathise with others when change is needed. I help people to know they are able to heal themselves and with my guidance knowledge and experience, I can help you to be the best version of yourself. Kindest Regards

  Robert Burns

Transformational Therapist